Samsung Global Dimming Game Mode Fix


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...when I watch Netflix with subtitles, the whole screen will light up and dim again every time subs appear and disappear...
How about changing subtitle color in Netflix ? I say this because the problem only happens on some shows and with some subtitle styles.


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Can anybody kindly post all the advaned settings for the NU7100 - the subsetting. There is also another advanced menu WBmovie. If you could click on and post a screenshot, I would be very grateful. I thought these settings can be reset but unfortunately not. I'd also appreciate another TV model screenshots as settings may be similar. Thanks.


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My tv is UA40j5200 and oddly enough, there seem to be no "picture_2d" menu in my tv only a "wbmovie_3d". So frustrated. Any help would be deeply appreciated in order to tell me how to find the setting you all have found.
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