Samsung Galaxy s8 reset


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Hi all.
My Daughter gave me her old phone which is a Samsung Galaxy, she asked me to sell it for her. Before she did she reset the phone to factory status.
I found myself intrigued by this phone as a possibly replacement for my Old I phone. I went through set up which asks for my Google account. I typed in all the needed info until everything was ready for use.
Once this phone was set up I wasn't too keen so I thought I would reset it back to the state my Daughter gave it to me. I cannot get this phone to reset now. I asked my Daughter who explained. I did everything she said. When i got to factory reset and pressed reset it asks for a verification mail. The e mail address I use for google is not a G mail address, it's a BT account which I use. When I hit the send verification mail it does nothing but go to a blank page which says about blank.
Can anyone assist me to put this phone back to factory settings, I'm not too keen on it.

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