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May 3, 2011
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Hi all. Apologies if this sort of thing isn't welcome here, or it's been covered before, but I can't find a thread relevant to my problems.

I've had a Samsung Galaxy Portal since June last year, and it's been a complete pain in the arse ever since. I'll try and list the issues and see if it rings a bell with anyone or have solutions:

1 - It likes to run applications of its own accord: At seemingly random times, when I unlock the phone I'm presented with an application starting up/running that I did not open. I've just noticed that this is always an application that is short cut from the main home-screen. So I hold down unlock/swipe across the screen and am presented with "contacts" or "walkman" or the camera. I have no idea how or why this happens. Sometimes it doesn't happen for a while, at other times it'll happen every time I unlock the phone over the course of an hour.
2 - Similarly to the random applications, the phone also runs other applications in the back ground without me asking it to. Using a TaskManager I can see that, without turning the phone off and then on, or running anything, suddenly I'll have Skype, Twitter etc running in the bg for no apparent reason. This contributes to...
3 - Slow: The phone sometimes take an *age* to do anything. Oh man is it slow. So much so that sometimes I think "I can't have selected X properly" and so do so again only to then have the phone do something twice or not what I wanted it to. Sometimes I can wait for 10/15 seconds for even something like messages to open, or a phonecall to even begin processing. Likely to be RAM, but again I'm not running much on this thing and you'd think that normal basic functions should be catered for.
4 - Keypad mishits: I'm not a chubby person, and as such you'd think I'd be able to hit the right keys pretty easily. I think in the entire time I've had the phone, I've typed about 1 in 100 messages first go. No matter what I do, no matter how many messages I send, I always make typos. It might just be me, but DAMN is it annoying. Every single bloody message has to be corrected. Is it just me?
5 - Loses reception: This is relatively new in the last couple of weeks. Out of nowhere and in a full signal area, the phone will suddenly decide I have no reception. The indicator shows an "x". Rebooting the phone clears this up.

I'll leave out issues like short battery etc, as that can be rectified by better hardware.

Does anyone have any ideas? Before anyone suggests it - this was happening as soon as I bought the phone. I do need to update the firmware, I think, but I very much doubt that will correct many problems.

TL:DR - Samsung Galaxy Portal appears to have been designed by Loki and is driving me nuts. Any suggestions welcome. And yes, I shall try and get Samsung to help me out too.

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