Samsung Frame TV - 65" - 2020 - White "Splotches"


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I wanted to post to check if my new 65" Frame TV has a bug - or whether this is a feature of the TV.

When I am watching a darker scene in a film/programme, playing a dark scene in a video game or watching a movie with black bars at top and bottom, there are very prominent white "splotches" around the side of the screen. The bright areas are so prominent that it becomes distracting and - while the picture outside of the dark areas is fine - the overall TV picture is significantly marred.

(See pictures - shot in a dark room on an iPhone 12 with default exposure.)

Is this a fault with my TV or is this simply an issue with poor backlighting from this particular TV?

The TV is always used in Intelligent mode, with default settings. I have had a 2017 Samsung TV in the past and didn't notice this issue (nor with my 32" 2020 Frame TV).



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