Samsung Frame 2021 (QA65LS03AAGXXP)


Recently bought a 2021 Samsung 65 Inch Frame tv model QA65LS03AAGXXP. I had considered buying the 2020 version but was never comfortable with the memory requirements of that model, but the 2021 version came with 6GB memory for pictures.

The tv is position in a room where we walk past it a lot, rather than sit and watch tv as have another tv in another room for that. Here is a before and after shot

Installation was done by Samsung representatives and just as well as I could not have done this or hung the tv by myself. The 2020 version had one single bracket to attach to the wall, the 2021 has two wall brackets. The brackets themselves are square on the tv and are positioned above the tv center line horizontally, these brackets allow a slight tilt and allow small horizontal adjustments to be made. For example the wall paper pattern may look completely horizontally, but it is off slightly and tilted the tv horizontally a few mm to match.

The color bezel for the tv has yet to arrive, one needs to redeem them post-purchase and have chosen Teak, however the standard black TV frame boarder matches the boarder around the mirrors in the room.

I am rather impressed with it, the family enjoys waking past and seeing a new picture being displayed, often with the accompanying "come here and look at this one". While there might be an "Art Store" we have not bothered to look at it, as have lot of family occasion / pet / holiday pictures, with more than 600 loaded so far. There are two options to play your photo collection, in a sequential order as loaded or randomly.

Some observations:
  • There seems to be no folder option to separated photo groups or I have yet to discover it.
  • When loading photos, there is no "select all", so you must choose each photo individually.
  • The 2021 version allows a minimum of 3 minute changes between photos, the 2020 version was 5 mins.
  • Lower than 4k quality resolution pictures also look ok, I was worried that it might look bad or be display in a manner that was not nice, but haven't seen anything that had to be removed. I tried some generic Chromecast background images and they look good.
  • I originally wanted an 8k tv so that one could get right up close to the pictures to seem more and more details and not see the pixels. However find that 4k is good enough at one meter distance (if I had my excellent eyesight of 15 years ago might say something different) that I cannot tell if it is pixels or picture quality related. Beyond 1 meter and all is ok.
  • The remote is small and with its small solar panel on the back I am surprised that it keeps the remote charged in a room which does not get outside direct light
  • There is a smart phone app "smart things" which is not really needed, I find it easier just to use the tv remote.
  • The screen does show reflections, but no more than other pictures we have with glass panels; but I don't think people would think it is a picture frame as we do have the picture back lighting on a setting of 2 so the picture stands out a bit.
  • Turned off all ambient lighting as didn't like the changes in light intensity as it was noticeable when it happened
  • TV Speakers are surprisingly good, well good enough for some tv viewing. Not that we use it for that.
  • The "one connect box" is great and the cord to the tv is just hanging down and hardly visible against my light coloured wallpaper.
  • Motion detection required a call to Samsung and was told to "turn off the tv and unplug it for 2 mins"; which actually worked! Felt like a situation out of "The IT Crowd". Anyway it works, but need to pass within a couple of meters of the tv.

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