Samsung Factory reset now no DTV Tune.


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I have done a factory reset on a Samsung portable T-CRM19PEUD-1000.1.
This is reached in the service menu after the "INFO MENU MUTE POWER" start up.
The set now does the expected "First time use" on start up.
However it only sweeps the old analogue frequencies.
Manually toggling TV/DTV to DTV and entering menu shows the "Tune" section grey'd out and scrolling skips digital tune.

It is as if the digital tune side of the set is locked out or not activated.
Is there a function to toggle DTV in the setup menus?

Option table shows:
It is set to UK
It is not in "Hotel" mode.
It is not in "Shop" mode
Ch Table is SUWON?

Great telly but...... NO DIGITAL TUNER ACCESSIBLE. :-(

Ta. Garry


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That's not a model number I recognise here in the UK...are you sure you've given the correct model no? (taken from the label on it's rear)
Regardless, some older Samsung models have a separate DTV tuning menu, look for a button on the remote marked "D-Menu"


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Ok sorry for that. I picked the model number from the set up table. The rear sticker states MODEL 933HD Code LS19CFEKF/EN

The remote does indeed have a specific D menu. I missed that in my panic after entering the factory mode! All mended.

Many thanks.



I have the same problem as Garry with my Samsung 18 inch tv monitor model 933HD being unable to tune it. It do not have a D-Menu button on the remote and when I go into DTV there is no signal, but I do know that the aerial is fine. Please can you help

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