Samsung F8000 - faint white line across bottom?


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I have (very) recently purchased the Samsung 46 F8000 TV and already find myself on the second set, having returned the first one on account of (terminology police) 'white blobs in the corners of the screen on all sources, regardless of back light settings etc.".

The image I have attached is of the first set and shows the "white blobbing" I am referring to. The second set is vastly improved regarding the blobbing but has, I noticed a white line that goes along the length of the bottom part of the screen. Having checked the image I have uploaded, I noticed it is on the first set too.

Can anyone who is an owner of, and a bit more savvy, tell me if this is normal for this model (or technology), or if I need to be getting back on the phone to Currys for ANOTHER replacement?


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These lines exist on all the F8000 panels and are along the top and bottom of the screen, I noticed them when I first got my set but I don't even see them now, If you want to own an F8000 then you'll have to put up with them, Also your screen looks like a keeper as it has minimal clouding on it.


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Thank you for the reply.

I can deal with it when I know I'm not the only one having the issue. I had this from Samsung today, also...

Thank you for contacting Samsung Customer Support.

Backlight bleeding or leakage is a common characteristic of LED televisions due to the nature of the technology used to project the image, therefore this is not an issue covered by Samsung warranty as it is not a fault – it is simply a limitation of the panel type.

Backlight bleed may be particularly prominent in the four corners of the screen, and / or around the borders where the screen meets the bezel, and may be particularly noticeable when viewing dark scenes or viewing in a dark environment. It is recommended that a minor degree of ambient light is maintained during viewing to help minimise this effect.

It may not always appear in a uniform way (ie; restricted to corners or screen edges). No two panels will exhibit this effect in the same way.

Non-uniform intensity of light is normal of LCD and LED panels, as the panel does not independently produce any light. Light merely passes light through the panel, so uniformity will be dependent on several things. Some of these being...

• The backlight source.
• The chemical makeup of the diffusers & filters.
• The physical construction of the sandwich of layers.
• The screen size.
• The physical pressure on the LCD panel from the rim band/cabinet.
• The LCD itself.
• Operating Temperature.

Here are steps you can take to reduce the effects of backlight bleed:

- Use the remote control to enter Picture Settings > Backlight and Cell Light, to turn these down (the recommended backlight setting is 4).

- Additional settings that are recommended to reduce the effect of backlight bleed, are enabling MOVIE mode and disabling GAME mode.

- You can also try adjusting the BLACK TONE and COLOUR TONE settings until you find settings that best suit your preferences.

- If the content is being viewed from an external device (eg; DVD or BluRay player, home theatre system) via HDMI lead, you can also adjust the HDMI BLACK LEVEL setting via the same menu.

If you find it worsens over time or the longer the TV is in use, I would recommend disabling DYNAMIC CONTRAST and MOTION LIGHTING in the picture options / advanced picture options as these allow the TV to adjust the contrast and brightness depending on the onscreen image.

You could also try disabling the ECO SENSOR in the menu in the system option (cog wheel) as this adjusts brightness and contrast depending on light intensity of the viewing environment, and this tends to be quite sensitive.


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My 55F8000 also has these two top/bottom lines of slightly higher brightness, but you really have to look for them to see them. They only appear under certain conditions and because they're in the peripheral vision area you never see them during normal viewing (unless you move your line of site to the top bottom and wait for the specific condition to see them).
If they showed up in dark scenes or black bars (2.35:1 movies) it'd be a differant matter, but as it is its a non-issue.

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