Samsung F71 problem


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Hi Guys,

A few weeks back I phoned Samsung to report that my tv was making a lot of clicking noises when it was first fired up...I wanted to check whether it was normal or not. They said it was not normal and sent an engineer out - who replaced the main board (they were not sure of the cause so thought best just to replace the board).

Since then, my tv only shows one of the 2 HDMI's. Every time I want to make use of the 2nd HDMI I have no choice than to go into the service menu (which the service engineer showed me how to do) and select the "reset" option. This causes me to have to reset everything up - and HDMI 2 is available.

As soon as I power the tv off and back on again, it has lost the HDMI 2 again.

Anyone have any ideas ? It's starting to annoy me somewhat - and I can see me calling Samsung again to get the engineer back out.


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Seems like a pretty serious fault to me, I'd get the engineer back pronto if I were you.


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Yes, I was one of the people discussing the clicking issue. I thought I'd phone Samsung just to see what they had to say (I wasn't overly concerned - more intrigued than anything) and they said it shouldn't do it and came out to change the board.

The issue with the inputs is SINCE they changed the main board.

When people go into the tv menu (for setting up pictures settings, sound, etc), it should default to the menu with the input selections. Can someone post up which of these are enabled on their tv and which are greyed out.

Currently, when I go into this menu, I only have "TV", "EXT1", "EXT2" and "HDMI 1" available.

I did find that "HDMI 2" was available once I powered up my DVD recorder again later yesterday evening....I don't know if the tv is "plug 'n' play" in that it only enables inputs if something is connected ? If not, then my TV definitely has a problem.

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