Samsung F450 echos and lacks bass


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Hey guys. Finally, after 3 weeks of planning, cable buying and decorating, we've got the new Samsung TV and F450 Soundbar on the wall. The trouble is, I'm disappointed......

At low volumes (with the daughter asleep upstairs so running around 10-11 on the volume levels) I find it lacks any real punch from the sub, which only really seems active on bass notes on music. I can also detect a slight echo from the bar itself which is properly annoying. I've played with the obvious settings - DRC, sound effects and sub levels texans it doesn't really help.

I have the following settings:
- sound effect 'cinema'
-3D sound effect 'off'
- DRC 'max'
- smart volume 'off'
- sub level '+6'

I have poured through the settings and found nothing really helps the bass impact, and turning the sound effect to 'off' makes the treble quite muffled. I have made sure the the TV speaker is off, which it is.

I have the TV connected via HMDI (all sources direct to TV, then another cable from HDMI ARC to Soundbar), and have also tried connecting via Soundshare, this doesn't make any difference.

Anyone help?


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Ok, have been having a bit if a play and managed to eliminate a degree of the echo - that was down to the cinema setting.

I currently have it on 'music', smart volume 'on' and sub's better, and I'll put up with it, but I have to say I'd have been disappointed had I paid full price. I'm fairly disappointed for the £180 paid, but can't change it now so I'll put up with and learn eh!

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