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I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Europa which I connected to my zoom wireless modem at home (WPA2). It worked fine at first then it said Wifi 'disconnected', although my network was in range and the network list underneath said (Network Name) 'remembered, secured by WPA'. Since then the network status constantly changed between 'out of range' - even if I was sat by the modem, to 'remembered, secured by WPA', though the wifi was always 'disconnected'. I have tired turning the wifi on and off and re-connecting etc. I ran out of ideas and exchanged the phone for another Samsung Europa (I am on contact).

I have never had problems with the modem before.

Again it worked fine at first, but it soon stopped and did the same thing. There is no network diagnostic and it refuses to connect.


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I bought the Samsung Galaxy Europa I5500, an Android phone, yesterday, and I basically wasted £10 of credit on PAYG (Pay-As-You-Go) before I realised and solved the problem.

The first problem with Android is wifi power management. This drops your connections and it's not a terribly smart thing for Android to do. The solution is to turn off power management.

What I did was install the following apps, and it worked.. I'm not sure which one of them in particular fixed it to be honest:

Wi-fi Keep Alive
Wifi Fixer
Wifi OnOff
Wifi Reassociate
Wifi ReEnabler

To those on PAYG, make sure to download APNdroid, add it as a widget to the desktop and click it so it turns red. For those who got an update and can't see APNdroid any more, just reinstall it. The wifi connection will still work with APNdroid running.

Android constantly connects to the internet, so if you're not a monthly contract with a higher threshold before data costs much, it's best to either get on one or download APNdroid to stop apps connecting to the net through GPRS/EDGE/3G. Wifi will continue to work.

My wifi has been working on-demand ever since, and I just tap a widget on the desktop to turn it off to save battery. It's a beautiful phone and definitely worth the £90 handset cost + £10 topup.. (haha). Otherwise Android is perfect, bar the occasional sluggishness (the Nokia XpressMusic/5230 was worse, in my experience!) because at least on Android you know that it's just busy because the CPU is slow, and you don't have to force-quit most apps unlike on Nokia firmware. (I liked the Nokia 9300 but that was years ago). It was a waste of £10 BUT

I hope this helps everyone! :)
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