Samsung EU46D8000 connecting to the PC to use as monitor(or how to stream online mov


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Hi everyone,

basically i just about a new EU46D8000 Samsung TV.

It all works wonderfully except when i connect the TV using a HDMI cable to my pc (using x2 GTX 295 in SLI).

The PC recognizes that there is something connected there.... but can not recognize that is the Samsung tv and it basically it does not give signal to the TV (nothing is displayed) ( i have attached a pic of what i see )

I dont know if this is because i already have 2 monitors and i can not use a 3rd or its because maybe in need to use the VGA connector of the TV instead of the HDMI one???????

basically.... i only want to use my tv as a monitor because i stream a lot of moving online and having to download them to then pass them to the TV via another program would be a unnecessary hassle and i would endup seeing it on my PC screen :p.

Anyone knows how to fix this or how to be able to stream things like megavideo to the tv via some sort of software????? or even buying adapters??....
i just want to use my tv to watch my online streaming :p... i dont care how i do that as long as i do it :p



Chris Muriel

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Some TVs require a particular HDMI port to work properly with a PC - the handbook should tell you if that is so.
Also some TVs need the input to be renamed to "PC" to configure themselves properly.
There should be a section in the full manual (normally downloadable as a PDF file) specifically about PC connection as well as a table of acceptable PC resolutions.


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yes this tv has a "PC IN" DVA connector... but though it wouldnt be a problem... I will buy tomorrow an adaptor and see then :p
seems silly really....

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