Samsung EU32D5520 vs. LG 32LV550T


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After shortlisting these two sets - Samsung EU32D5520 and LG 32LV550T, am wondering which people might recommend?

They both have very similar reviews, and are similarly priced (£375-400); as far as I can tell, the only difference in terms of features is that the LG has a web browser whereas the Samsung doesn't.

What is the LG's web browser like? If it's anything like the PS3 web browser, it's a bit pointless...? Is it better? Is it worth it?

What is the motion resolution like on the Samsung? Have heard it's not true 100hz (see here)? We don't watch much sport/action films, so does it really matter?

The Samsung picture looks a bit better (particularly on HD), but is there a significant difference in picture quality? Realistically we won't be using the HD that often, so need the SD picture to be good. Will be using the sets built in sound, which performs better.

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