Samsung ES7000 + Evolution kit VS F7000


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I'd like to get a gernal concensus on the above/ some technical comparisons.

Long story short, the other half buys a TV based on how it looks when it is off (hence liking the chrome ES7000) where as, I buy a TV for the picture and some times the features and we're looking for a new TV to replace the ancient 32" LG.

I was thinking today, to appease the other half of getting the ES7000 with the evolution kit rather than figthing a loosing battle trying to convince her she likes the f7000 more, but wanted to know if there would be much of a technical difference?

I know the evolution kit would make it quad core (like the f7000) but wondered if there were any other areas where there would be a difference worth noting?

Finally, when looking online for the ES7000, I knoticed it says on Peter Tyson's website the ES7000 does not have Freesat HD, any one know if this is true as many other websites claim the ES7000 has both Freeview and Freesat HD.

Thanks in advance.



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Try the 'What TV should I buy?' Sub-forum. Have you looked at the manufacturers website rather than retailers? They should have an online manual to download.

I would also visit a shop, it's the best way to buy a TV!


What is this "Evolution kit VS F7000"?:confused:
The TV has a very high specification, including a DVB-S2 satellite tuner, but that might not give the FS EPG.

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