Samsung ES6800 & Onkyo 674E no sound when veiwing Smart Apps Help !!!!


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Just purcahsed a Samsung ES6800 Tv and currently have an Onkyo 674E amp.

The issue I have is the Sky box works fine BUT when I go to the Samsung Apps page and play Iplayer/ Lovefilm/ etc.. there is no sound. The picture is there ??

So my next question is will I need to connect an opitical lead from the TV ( optical out) to the Onkyo amp ( opitical in) to get sound for online Apps ?

Or is there a way of doing using my exsisting cables ?

There is no HDMI out on the rear of the Samsung just HDMI in's.

Any help advice appreciated pls :)

I think the rear of the Onkyo 674E has two HDMI ins and one HDMI through ?

Here's the rear pic of the Amp :,r:16,s:24,i:200


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