Samsung ES5500 and Allshare - turn off screen?


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Sometimes I want to stream music to my Samsung ES5500 for hours at a time. The streaming works fine but the static picture on the screen worries me. Is there any quick way I can turn the screen off, then back on again when I'm finished?

Something like what you get when playing BBC radio. You can turn off the screen, then press 0 to turn it back on again.

niall campbell

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I would have though theres is a Power Saving feature somewhere which may do the same

a Games Console like my xbox will dim the picture after a while


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Thanks, Niall. Yes, there is a feature like that but two hours is the shortest time you can set it for. Baffles me why they don't allow a shorter timesetting. I don't really want to have a fixed screen for two hours.


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Hi I have the 32" ES5500, I think that there is a setting to turn off screen. Go to Menu, scroll down to system and then to Eco setting...there is a 'picture' off. Should do it for you...then can go back and reset when you want to watch TV again
Hope it helps


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Hi Pigglypots

Yes, I was hoping there was a less cumbersome way to do it, but it seems there is not.

However, I found an article on which said two hours was safe, so now I'm relying on the screensaver. If I get screenburn I will shake that article at them and call on them to repair/replace. If I can find it again.

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