Samsung EPG and recording function not fit for purpose


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This has been discussed somewhere in the general Samsung Q90T thread, but it gets lost in its many pages.
I have now reached the conclusion that Samsung's so-called recording function (onto a USB drive/memory stick, whatever) is not fit for purpose and I'm totally convinced it's all down to their appalling EPG.
I continually try to set up serial recording for my alternative local news programme on Freesat, but it fails to record more times than it actually works. The reason for this is because Samsung's EPG stands out as being probably the only one in existence which needs the TV to be left fully on for a very long period before it can update itself. When I first switch on, I'm lucky if BBC programmes are showing even a few hours ahead – some of the minor channels fare a little better. If there is a sudden change in schedule that other EPGs take in their stride, with Samsung you can forget it. The weird thing is I've occasionally flicked forward several days and found just one or two random programmes present in isolation.

I thought I'd finally found a work-around when I discovered how to set a recording manually for a specific time slot, but no, this also will not work if the EPG isn't populated. The EPG on my Humax HDR 2000T is fully populated the instant I switch on, so is that of an old, appallingly slow Huawei YouView recorder. A Polaroid TV from Morrisons can handle this - even cheap JVC rubbish, but seemingly not one of the world's leading TV manufacturers. The trouble is that Samsung don't seem to care.

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