Samsung E700 - power failures and blank screen


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Can anyone help me with my phone. It's a Samsung E700, nearly 3 yrs old, and it's not staying charged up as long as it used to. Then if it switches itself off before I get chance to charge it up, the time and date stops, so I have to reset it when I charge it up and turn it back on again. I've seen batteries on e-bay for a few quid - but is it likely to be some other problem?

Also I've had a problem with the inside screen going blank. It comes back on for a few seconds if I open it and clsoe it again, but then fades out to white, as though the contrast is all wrong. I've seen a post in Sept that said that was something about the ribbon - Does anyone know if this is fixable? (I live near Swansea if anyone knows where I could go to get it fixed?) I love my current phone, and haven't seen many other Samsung flip phones recently if I need to change it. Plus I can't really afford to be spending a fortune on a new phone!

:lease: :lease: :lease:


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not sure about the charging problem but the screen problem will def be the ribbon cable - unfortunalty it is a very intricate soldering job and is much easier to change the complete screen and ribbon assembly (front and back)
you can get on from ebay for about £22 here:
its not a very hard job to change but you have to make sure you dont damage the ribbon again when fitting it and you need to completly strip the phone to do it


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Thanks v much for your help. I could have a phone that works like new for much less than a new one - it's got to be worth a try.

Thanks again.:thumbsup:

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