Samsung E700/A800 - transferring txt msgs memory to SIM

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones Forum' started by smiffy1962, Jun 23, 2004.

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    I've just upgraded to Samsung E700 from the A800, and I'm trying to transfer my "sentimental" text messages from one phone to the other.

    My SIM card can save 15 txts, and I've transferred those 15 to the new phone (into the phone memory), and I can also see that my SIM card is now "empty" of texts.

    However, when I put the card back into the old phone, and try and transfer more texts from the phone memory to the SIM card (to then copy from SIM to phone in the new phone), I get an error message which says "Warning - Can't Transfer"...... any ideas greatly welcomed....

    I'd like to copy the few texts from one phone to the other as they are from my boyfriend out in Saudi Arabia......

    Thanks... ALI

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