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After looking at all the options I've decided to wait (I won't hold my breath) for Telewest/NTL to release their own PVR. However this still leaves me with an immediate need to replace my old video recorder. The only function that is immediately important for me is to get timeslip (baby on the way therefore pausing live TV could prove essential).
Anyway, I'm looking at the Samsung DVDR122 however, although it is compatible with DVD-RAM it's not clear if it has a timeslip feature. Can anyone tell me if this player has this feature? (I've downloaded the user manual from the Samsung site but there is no mention of it).



Thanks ROYOLD,

Unfortunately I can't access ebay from work! However, that's exactly the problem, some website say it does and other sites just don't mention it. What concerns me is that there is no mention of it in the user manual I downloaded. Ideally I'm looking for someone who has this recorder to confirm it has the timeslip functionality. Given that it supports DVD-RAM there is a good chance that it does.



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Although this doesn't answer your question, I am having a lot of trouble with this DVD recorder. I purchased it as part of a deal with a 32" Samsung LCD screen (High Def ready).

I've plugged in the SKY box via SCART cable and aerial. On both aerial and SKY signals I see chessboard corruption on captions. I have tried changing cables, removing the SKY box from the equation, removing the aerial and just using the SKY box, but to no avail. Obviously this corruption makes it onto the recording. The SKY box signal is completely steady direct into the TV and I have tried using the RGB output to the DVD recorder and the video output.

I've replaced the DVD recorder, but this hasn't fixed the fault.

Furthermore, I was getting extreme pixelation on watching a prerecorded DVD yesterday which seemed to be intermittent. The box froze for about 15 seconds before continuing on one occassion (at which point, I pulled the disc out and used my Xbox to continue watching).

The Comet engineer hasn't been particularly helpful and after explaining the whole thing 3 times, he thinks it is the television... The only way I can see this to be true is if the television is somehow interfering with the box. :mad:

I've moved the DVD recorder to another TV with a freeview box, and it is better, but there is still slight chessboard patterning on captions (e.g. BBC 3 test screen).

At this stage, I don't know whether to follow Comet's advice and take back the TV (which doesn't appear to be faulty at all) or just go out buy a Lite On that will also record more formats and take the other back.

Difficult. Any ideas anyone??

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