Samsung Dvdhd950 Component Upscaling


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I had decided that 720p via component on this player looked the best when being displayed on my Sharp LC32GA5.
However, why is it that only certain DVD films will display correctly when others show on screen as NO INPUT?


Big Fish (Region 1) plays and looks great!
Austin Powers, Goldmember (Region 2) plays and looks great!
The Office Xmas Special (recorded via TV last year) plays and looks, well not great, as it's a copy off the TV but i still get a picture!
Star Wars, Episode IV (Region 2) - display = no input?
Pirates of the Caribbean (Region 2) - display = no input?

I have done the multi-region hack (after 254 attemps it finally worked - not the most responsive remote control in the world ever :eek:)
Initially, i tried the HDCP hack listed elsewhere. However, i could not get this to work at all (although i think this hack referred to the US model?)

Am i missing something obvious?

Thanks in advance...

Nic Rhodes

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HDCP does work, you have to 'stick with it' just like MR. My experiences was the same as yours, worst I have seen on a player re hacking in recent times.

I am not sure I understand the other issue unless it is tied up with HDCP as the component upscaling really is another 'hack'.


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Many thanks for your thoughts.
I can easily get the multi-region hack to work but the HDCP hack simply doesn't (i have even programmed my pronto to input the 4 numbers needed with 1 key press - still no joy)
Can anyone else shed any light as to why only certain films will display @ 720p?

Also, cyclying through the options, if i choose 768p the TV indicates that it is receiving a 576p signal and i get no picture at all from any source @ 1080i (although this is probably the limitations of the TV)

Nic Rhodes

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It took me about 20x and I think I know what I am doing, get a screen display up then do it rather than doing it blind.


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As soon as i press the 'angle' button, all it displays on screen is the 'error' symbol. I can't get it to go any further. Now, i'm not always sure what i'm doing (as in AV as in life :)) but i have tried this many many times.
Can anyone else who has the HD950 confirm that they have got the hack to work.

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