Samsung DVD SR270M. Anyone got one of these. Noticed anything odd operationally ?


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Just got one of these as a "free" replacement for my old Pana that I returned to Argos. That's another story on it's own :)
The Samsung does odd things such as,
If you do a timer recording and then remove the disc it appears to not go back into standby fully. It leaves the fan on. Pressing open/close again and it does switch off.
Yesterday went to press open/close to remove a disc and it just remained with "load" showing on the front display. Again had to switch off and on.
Now this is the second one I have had, returned the first straight away.

Cannot always access text mode. Just remains with the picture on screen. Disconnect the mains for a moment and it's OK if VERY slow.
Can take up to a minute and a half to "grab" a text page.
The fan issue again, by just opening and closing the tray with a disc in you can get it to not only leave the fan on in standby but you can hear the disc running as well ( you can hear the laser assembly "focused and tracking correctly ). I left it like this for two hours. Switch on out of standby and then put back to standby and it shuts off correctly.


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Just to make sure I am not losing the plot, did a recording on DVD ram yesterday. On playing back several episodes of picture freezing/no sound each lasting perhaps 2 seconds. No probs with DVD -RW. Discs are mint condition.
Also did 1 hour timer recording last night. Came to switch on this morning and it just flashes "load" on the front display, TV screen black-no on screen display or anything. Switch off, press open/close and it powers up OK.

What are you folks opinions on Samsung gear ?
I am not to worried at the moment as it's a "free Argos" replacement as I said earlier.


my opinion on samsung gear in general is I like it and generally have no problems with what they make and sell

BUT , their dvd and hdd/dvd recorders are another matter , I have had problems with a couple of sr150 recorders with various issues like random switching off , unexplained lockups and other troubles. and my lad had 2 of their 873 hdd/dvd recorders with playback troubles that are well documented on this forum. many ppl on here will tell you about problems with samsung dvd recorders of various models, and there are some very long threads on these issues on here too

my lad took my advice , took them back and got a sony 870 ( 3rd time lucky ) , I have only sony x70 models here now with no niggles or worries ( all current sony x70 and x90 are pioneer with different badges etc )

its generally accepted on here that sony , pioneer and panasonic are the best

I personally like samsung products , but wouldnt buy any recorders of their current or previous range , they really do need to get them up to scratch. I do like their mobiles , their tv,s , their players, just not their recorders

take it back under warranty and get a sony or similar model
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I'm a tad amused by the title: 'Anyone got one of these. Noticed anything odd operationally ?'

Sorry Mooly... Users who have them, tend not to have them for long.

There is a fair history on this forum of users noticing that they are rather 'odd operationally'

I wish I had something constructive to offer, but all I can say is I wish you hadn't got one.


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Hello Ramjet & Gavtech,
I have to agree on the Sony, I have the 870 as the main recorder and its absolutely brilliant.
What a shame about the Samsung, I know it's a budget model and not the "ultimate in viewing" but the picture quality is excellent, better than the Panasonic it replaced in all fairness.
I managed to get it to lock up today, wouldn't switch on. Little "quircks" you can workround, these are BIG quircks -- have I spelt that right ? ;)
Dare I show my face in Argos again. Thanks guys.


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Executive descision made :) I am going to keep it. Reasons why despite it's shortcomings ! It is primarily a second machine and is used on an older 4.3 TV. It's pan and scan mode is excellent giving a true full 4.3 picture, something the Panasonic it replaced was incapable of doing, in fact that gave a sort of 16.10 in 4.3 if you see what I mean. People looked a little "wide" and you always had the blank top and bottom bars on the screen. Another major plus is that recordings done in pan and scan are "correct" when replayed on the Sony HDRX. Again it's predecessor would not do that either, if you were in the so called 4.3 mode the recordings were also done in that mode. The other thing that won me over was that again unlike the "you know what" the recordings done on the Samsung in video mode play straight off on the Sony- no finalising and all that rubbish.
Which leaves picture quality itself. It's outstanding !! Recordings done on disc and played back on the main system are every bit as good as the Sony HDD itself. It doesn't take half an hour to wake up and runs cold in standby.
The quircks I think I can live with, at least now I know in part what is "likely to set it off" Things like putting a protected disc in and trying to record. Take the disc out and put it in standby immediately and the fan stayed on. Switch on and off and it's OK. Used "normally" and I think it will be fine.
So there we go ;)


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What are you folks opinions on Samsung gear ?
I am not to worried at the moment as it's a "free Argos" replacement as I said earlier.

I've had a Samsung DVD Recorder (SH853M) for a few months now and it can be a bit strange. One day I found that trying to change the channel on the built-in DVB would instead cause it to cycle through Input Select. Then a few days later the Input Select button wouldn't respond at all. On both occasions putting it into stand-by and then back on again would make no difference. I had to cut the mains power and reboot it to resolve it.

Also the other day I was watching a recording and it put itself into stand by! (The timer was not active at the time.) :confused:
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It all sounds sort of "software related". If you pull the plug and that put's it right it seems to point to a lockup within the machine.
Worth checking there are no dodgy mains sockets/adapters etc or that the remote isn't transmitting on it's own, not very likely that really.

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