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When the DVD/HD recorder (Samsung DVD-SH853M) is connected to the TV (Samsung LE37M86BD) via a HDMI cable and the recorder is set to upscale at 1080i the recorded picture stops then jumps for a second all through play back.

If I connect the recorder using a scart cable and set the recorder to upscale at 576p all works OK but the picture is of a poorer quality.

Has anyone any ideas how to have the HDMI connection working properly?

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its a very common problem and my son could not find a solution and had 2 brand new dvdr units ( they said they could find no fault with either unit ) and eventually he changed to a sony 870 ( about a year ago ) and had no problems since , but kept the same samsung 40 inch lcd tv he got with this package

one school of thought is that it may be the hdmi cable causing the trouble so it may be worth trying different makes of hdmi cables until you find one that works

its also worth noting that you should have the hdmi cable routed away from the coaxial aerial cables and preferably at 90 degrees to minimise crosstalk too

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