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My first post in this forum. Hope I don't make a complete fool of myself immediately! I will actually ask what was said in the What Video & TV-review of Samsung DVD-S224 (August 2002 issue). The only reasonable way to find out is to buy the magazine, you might think? Well, I totally agree with you, but I haven't been able to find it in my dark little corner of earth (also known as Sweden.) :(

Anyway. I turn to you, hoping you will reveal at least some of the results from the test...

So, what was said about the Samsung DVD-S224? :confused:
Cons and pros?
Picture/sound quality?
Good MP3-mode?
NTSC -> PAL-output?
Why did it lose to the SONY DVP-NS405? (which I managed to find out by searching the forum)

Any information is highly appreciated!
Off course your own opinions about the player too...

Magnus :)
I did sort of read the article!
I was looking to buy a player for my parents and was taken by the Samsung as it offered a good spec for the price.
It was also said in the magazine that the unit can be handset hacked with the standard remote for mutli region playback,along with CD-R/RW compatability,MP3 and also VCD.
I purchased it locally in the UK for £120 from a company called Argos (dont know if you have them) as they offer a 16day no quibble refund on any item even if you simply dont like it!
I thought that was useful as the player might have turned out to be total rubbish or I might has cocked it up doing the handset hack,suffice to say neither was the case and it is an excellent little machine.
The hack I used did say that it sets the machine to the equivilant of region0 and that to playback RCE discs I might have to set the unit to region1,that has not been the case,I set the unit to the region0 setting on purchase and have not touched it since as it automatically switches region.
I am not sure about the NTSC-PAL though as the TV it is used with is NTSC compatable.
For the price and for as much as my parents use it it is excellent!
Thanks for your reply!

Seems like it's a great player for the price, but I just read the "DVD as CD player"-thread and got a bit sceptic.
Are DVD-players really THAT bad at playing CDs?
What can the quality be compared to?
A really cheap microstereo-combo?? :confused:

One point of buying a MP3-capable player was to have a "one-in-all-player" for my future music system.
(It's NOT supposed to be a audiophile TAG/Marantz/Denon/etc..-system. Just a pretty decent sounding one. Upgrade from Philips mini-combo.)
If a DVD-player is that bad, maybe it isn't even worth the upgrade???

Maybe I should ask this in the thread mentioned...
But it seems a bit below their level! :rolleyes:

I cant say I really know,I suppose it's the same with most things,you get what you pay for and sticking two items together in one always leads to some comprimise.
If I had a seperate CD player I could probably tell a difference but given my taste in music and the fact that I am tone deaf when it comes to such things I cant really comment.
All I can say is that I use my Pioneer DV444 for CD's as well as DVD's and it does alright for me!
I notice you have a quite healthy approach to this audio thing... Nice! :)

You don't remeber if "What Video & TV" said something about the CD sound in their review?

I cant say I do,parents aren't really into music and they dont have any CD's so it wasn't a priority when I purchased.
My approach to audio is that it sounds alright to me,my mates have midi systems with stupid speakers and lights all over that claim 300watts and sound utter rubbish at anything over half volume.
At least when I crank up mine I can still hear whats being said/sung without massive distortion.

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