Question Samsung DVD Recorder R119, can't view Sky+ Box signal ?

Dave P2001

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Hi, I just got an old Samsung DVD recorder R119, I'm trying to record a few programs I've saved on my old Pace Sky+ box ( 2009)

I've used a scart lead to connect the Sky box (VCR Scart) to the DVD recorder (AV2 (external)) but the the Sky box signal doesn't appear on the AV2 input on the DVD recorder, the one exception to this is that the Sky signal does appear on the input on the DVD recorder for a split second if I press the Guide button on the Sky remote ! The DVD recorder is connected to my TV also using a scart lead.

The DVD recorder does have a couple slightly damaged pins on the AV2 scart, could these be causing the problem, it seems strange that Sky displays for a split second when I press the Sky Guide button.

Anyone have any ideas ?


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Do you get a picture from the sky box when the recorder is off? The signals should automatically loop through the recorder. Make sure AV2 is selected on the recorder..
Swap the 2 scart cables over.
Connect it up but with AV1&AV2 swapped over and select AV1 on the recorder.
AV2 supports composite and RGB inputs. Try changing the output setting on the sky box between composite and RGB, if that box supports both.

Dave P2001

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Thanks for the reply & your suggestions.

No, if the recorder is off I get no picture, however if I press the menu or Sky Guide buttons on the Sky remote I get a split second of sound from Sky.

I tried all your other suggestions, unfortunately they didn't make any difference.

I connected my old DVD player to the DVD recorder & that source worked with no problem on AV2.

I wonder if it's a problem with the Sky box, I suppose there wasn't any copy protection feature on the Sky box to prevent recording ?

Dave P2001

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Looks like it is a problem with the Sky box, I just tried connecting it via scart to the TV & there is no picture !

I then used the alternative AV out (s-video + Audio out jacks) from the Sky box to the recorder scart (AV1 or AV2) with a different cable & that gives me a black & white picture but no audio, pressing the Sky Guide button gives a split second of audio.

Using the alternative AV out (s-video + Audio out jacks) from the Sky box to the TV scart gives me a colour picture but no sound, pressing the Sky Guide button gives a split second of audio.

I've tried changing the Sky video & audio output settings but that hasn't helped.


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I don't think the recorder accepts s-video so no wonder it was black and white.
As for no auudio is this the case regardless of the sky box playing back a rrecording or not?


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This might help,I record from my SKY+HD box onto a Panasonic recorder using the following settings:Scart control on,scart video output RGB on the SKY box and AV2 input set to RGB on the recorder.Might need settings altered on either or both boxes.Noticed by accident that if the TV button is pressed on the SKY remote the picture goes black,sound remains fine.Long shot maybe,it did solve my mysterious black recordings with sound problem,if pressing the SKY main button on the remote the picture returns,dont know why just need to remember to use the tv remote instead of the SKY one whilst using external recording.

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