Samsung DVD-R136 & Panasonic 32Lxd60 internal freeview


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Afternoon all

I have just ordered the above DVD recorder to go with my newish 32lxd60 and I can't find any information on how I can connect the 2 up to be able to record from the panasonic's internal freeview.
I don't have separate freeview/sky and don't really want another box under the telly. Can anyone tell me how to go about doing this. Please say it can be done!
I had enough trouble hooking the telly up to an amp!


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Aerial = (socket) - Dvd (in), Dvd (out) - Tv (in);

Scart = Dvd (av1) - Tv (av1).

On tv: press menu, arrow down to setup, right arrow, make sure q-link = Av1 and Av1 out = Dvb;

On Dvd: make sure you set video output as Rgb and aspect ratio as 16:9.

To record freeview: either select the dvb channel manually on the Tv screen or use the guide button to set a timed recording. On Dvd: set the channel to Av1 by using input select or Av (whatever the Dvd has on the remote) and press record or set a timer to match the tv programs start and end time - make sure prog no. = Av1.

Press Mode on tv remote to watch an analogue program while recording Dvb.


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Wow, thank you for that comprehensive reply.
I currently use the AV output for the amp. Then panasonic doesn't seem to have many outputs (is this standard?)
Can I therefore connect the DVDR to this output and then use an optical output to the amp to get sound for normal telly watching?
Thank you once again.


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Plug the scart from the amp into Av2 on the tv (av2 out = monitor as default, which means whatever you are watching on the tv will also output sound to the amp from the av2 of the Tv.

Yes, but you must turn on the dvdr and make sure that it is set to av1 and the tv on dvb and the sound will go down the toslink lead to the amp.

Connect up both if you wish!

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