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    Very new to dvd recorders first dvd-rw disc I have are imation when i record it does that ok tv show is there.If I go back to watch it later the player tells me the disc needs formatting I have done that before I used the disc.So I was thinking it was the discs dvd-r work fine the show stays on the disc.I then tried panasonic dvd-ram the tv show is still on the disc tells me there is an error on the disc ,so go and format it gets to 80% tells me of disc error.So is this ram disc useless now as the dvd now tells me it has an error.What am I doing wrong is it best to try another brand of discs or could it be the dvd recorder that has the fault.

    Thanks Joanne
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    Sep 26, 2005
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    Hi Joanne - I have the DVD-R125 model. I think it could be the brand of disc you are using.
    In my manual it says it only confirm conpatibility with certain makes of disc - other should work - and of certain speeds.

    DVD-Ram Maxwell Fujifilm TDK Panasonic (3x speeds) - I use Panasonic.

    DVD-RW TDK Maxwell Optodisc Radius Verbatim (2x speeds) - I use Philips which seem to work OK

    DVD-R TDK Beall That's Maxwell Panasonic - I use (4x speeds) - I use Logik (from PC World) and they work OK although I had one giving errors.

    Hope that helps, Dave C.

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