Samsung DVD-P171 small and very good


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I want you to pay attention to this small DVD/Divx player. i have it for couple of months, and it is in my book very good choice if you want something small, cheap and reliable. it's a standard SD player, but it will play everything with ease. progressive over component is very good. it has very nice feature called Screen fit, which strech DVD pictures up until the edges of the visible screen on your TV. so, no more black bars on DVD. it won't work with Divx files though.

as a Divx player i think you can't find a better solution out there. it will play almost everything. it plays Packetbitstream out of the box ( it's still a huge problem for all Pioneer, Philips and many more even today), it plays Q-pel out of the box, and yet i still can't find a codec which it won't play. player even remember the last stop position and start from there when you power on player again. for Divx reproduction i will give it *****.

minuses: no HDMI, no 5.1, no any kind of advanced features ( including any kind of audio EQ), but if you're looking for small, cheap, and unobtrusive player i think it's a good choice.

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