Samsung DVD-HR730 DVD 80GB HDD Recorder - Good deal


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I'm looking to finally upgrade from a VCR however I don't have a great deal of money to spend. I was looking around the used deals on this site and on ebay but then I found this.

I wasn't really fussed about getting a DVD/HDD recorder however this seems like a good deal (especially when you see the RRP). It also plays DivX which is a must and according to Amazon, has a hack to convert to multi-region.

So is this a good deal. Should I spring for it and resign my VCR (and the tons of tapes that go with it) to the scrap heap.




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That's a good price !!

QVC (shopping channel on sky ) have got a similar one & they're charging about twice that for it !! I believe that most Samsungs only record to the "minus " disc format , but that shouldn't be a major drawback i think .

In my setup at home , i've still got my vcr / dvd player combi machine connected to the telly via a scart plug , so that as & when i want to watch one of my MANY videos , i just plug it into the mains & away i go ! I'll be keeping my vcr for a good while yet !

I got my 80 gig Hard drive machine of QVC a couple of weeks ago ( Grundig ) & where possible , i only plan to use the dvd recorder for copying stuff from the hard drive , so as not to where it out too much . I can (if needed ) finalise completed & copied discs , then play them on the vcr/dvd combi ; that's the theory anyway !

Back to your question :- if , unlike me you only have a few videos , then it won't take that long to convert them to dvd & you'll have no further need for it .

Whatever you get , i would definitely get one with a hard drive in it .

Good luck !! :)


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Another quick question.

Yesterday I found I have a spare 120GB HD (its in a PC but isn't really needed as the PC is only used for surfing). And I wondered, although 80GB will no doubt be plenty of recording space is it possible and easy to swap the HDs in these devices (I know it will probably invalidate the warranty). I've read a few posts from people who have swapped the HD in the sky+ boxes but can it also be done in DVD/HDD recorders.

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