Samsung DVD-HD935 DVI problem

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    :lease: I've seen in more topics that many people have problems with the upscaling modes of this player. I connect the player to a Grundig Xentia 32" LCD TV which has 1366*768 resolution. The TV works fine if I connect my PC (1360*768 80Hz) to it but not with the Samsung DVD player (using the DVI input).

    Only format what is works with my Grundig is the 480p which belongs to NTSC DVD discs. When I play an NTSC disc the TV shows that the incoming signal is 640*480 60Hz and it stretch the picture to fit into the screen properly (when using no upscaling, the DVI led is red).

    When I want to use 720p (blue led) or 1080i (green led) modes (NTSC or PAL discs) the picture is positioned into the top left corner of the screen (there are however black stripes on the bottom and on the top) and I can not see the right side of the picture, the picture is shrunk vertically and the TV shows "out of range" message.

    I assume the TV can not handle 720p and 1080i modes (at least not via the DVI input, maybe it works via the component input).

    I could not get any useful info from the Grundig service. Had anybody similar problems?

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