Samsung DVD-HD850


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Hi guys,

I have had a quick search for some information about the Samsung DVD-HD850. There are loads of threads but there doesn't seem to be a conclusion as to what they are like?

The reason I ask is because I got an email from earlier with this dvd player in for £81, seems pretty cheap for an HDMI player? What is it like at upscaling standard def DVDs?

Opinions appreciated.

Link to dvd player @ qed here in case anybody else is interested:


I thinks it's fine for the price. It is good at upscaling from what my eyes tell me too. :)
Remember though, for this price you will find no perfect, I think some of the functions are flakey (the FF at 64 can crash it!) but I only paid £109 pounds so moaning about minor niggles is pointless.
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