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Discussion in 'Samsung TVs Forum' started by alphaomega16, Sep 14, 2005.

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    Heya guys I was just down currys they said I cold take me ps2 to try out american games (I wanted to be 100% sure of NTSC Compatability) and the scart feed was dissapointing it seemed blury and when I tried the £10 component cables I got through post today I was getting no signal then it started to flicker and you would see a pink image with gaps all over it.

    We tried the component cables on another TV and tried putting GT4 ( I was loading the NTSC version from HDLoader for PS2) and to get it to display anything through component I had to stick scart in then select 480 or 1080i and before I clicked ok I had to change the scart for the comp cable and after I selected the 480 mode I got a pink screen with gaps with 1-3 inch green bar at the top and left of the screen and I got the same results with 1080i?

    we tried about 4 different HDTV and couldnt get the component to work ?

    Anyone got any ideas ?

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