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Jordan UK

I know this has probably covered one zillion times before, but I've checked FAQs and had a quick look through previous pages on this forum and I can't find the answer.

I've just bought a Samsung 32" LCD TV. I'm very pleased with it apart from 1 pixel which isn't working - it's in a fairly prominent place, too.

Is there anything that can be done to get it working? Is this a common problem?

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Dead pixels cannot be repaired. Try and get the set changed as it will bug the hell out of you if you don't.


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Take it back :D

If they decline, mention this forum and how many other people would love to hear about their standard of customer service!!! ;)


Just count yourself lucky its just one dead pixel to worry about...

You get it exchanged and you could have one of the other countless horror stories associated with this screen....

Your choice but worth a thought!

Jordan UK

john.hem said:
I've got a 32" Samsung. It seems it's maybe 2 pixels together that are dark... but then again it is very small.

Does this mean that Samsung should change it?

It doesn't really bother me too much. It's brand new so I'm still within my 'cool-down' period and I'm not using the TV much at the moment (too busy with work) so it wouldn't worry me too much to wait for an exchange. I might get it changed if I can, but if it is a common problem with all LCDs, I think I'll might just grin and bear it.



Each manufactuer/retailer will have different terms, if you have one dead pixel in the middle of the screen you may get it changed. But one pixel on the edge of the screen and they may not change it.
It depends on yours terms of condition.
If you are still within the cool down period, you can just send it back!


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