Samsung D900 Ringer Volume


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Can anyone help on how to increase the ringer volume on this phone,if I put in *#8999*8378# I can get into the menu but WHICH application increases the ringer volume??????


readymix said:

Jus put the number in you supplied there and if u go in H/W theres an audio setting in there, didnt you look about & open each menu?


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Hi Davey74,
yup done that and i cannot really hear any difference neither can anyone else,will try a higher setting although i had it on 500!!!,why dont samsung make a phone that normal people can hear ringing this spoils a really good phone.


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This may be a silly question, but do you have the plastic still on the phone, I had the same problem (low call volume / low ring tone) peeled it off and it solved the problem !.

Many, many people have been caught out by this !


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What do these codes do? I've never seen them before!

Found a big list here but I'm scared to muck about with things I don't understand!!

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