Samsung D900 high pitch noise when backlight is on?


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Just got my D900 yesterday, all charged, set everything up how I like it, then the first time I put it to my ear I notice a high pitch buzz coming from the speaker!! Almost inaudible but enough to give me a headache!!! Then realised it's only when the screen is lit!

Anyone else heard this noise? Any idea what it could be or how to stop it?


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I would say it's sounds as though what you're hearing is a whine from the "Inverter" which generates a high voltage to illuminate the LCD screen.
If it's still doing it after a couple of days I would send it back.


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My girlfriend can't hear it, so I'm thinking it might be normal and I'm just hyper-sensitive! :D


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And apparently I can't get rid of the stupid Orange 'homescreen' so I'm going to cancel the contract and go back to Vodafone.
I'll see if the one I get from them does it or not.

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