Samsung D900 Annoyances - Anyone Help?


I'm generally happy with this phone, but i there are a few annoying things about it, and some minor problems too.

I transferred some jpeg files to the memory card while away recently to free up some memory, but the files i transferred can only be accessed on the memory card, they can't be moved back to the phone or accessed through the Samsung PC Studio software. Is this normal? It just seems silly to me that a memory card can only accept files but then won't release them.....i'm assuming this is a software issue. I also tried putting the SD card into my laptop to access them, but it makes a funny noise which isn't the sound the laptop makes when detecting new hardware. If i'd have known that files stored on the memory card were then irretrievable, i'd have never bothered with one in the first place.

The 10 preset ringtones you get for receiving messages sound really gay. Surely there must be a way of selecting your own file for this purpose? Every other phone i've had does it, but not the D900. It should be the same as selecting your own ringtone.

The difference in noise level between 1 and 2 on the incoming calls volume setting. 1 is too quiet for everyday use, and 2 is too loud. And yet from 3 to 5 there's not much difference! Surely it'd be much better to have more choice at the lower end than the top end of the volume scale.

The phone will recognise the SD card intermittently. Most of the time it'll say 'not allowed' when trying to access it. Has anybody else had this problem?

If i plug the D900 into the laptop via USB to charge it, i'm told by callers that there's an annoying buzz making hard to hear what i say. Once unplugged from the laptop it's fine.

Many people have said that i sound quiet. I will admit to not wanting to be one of those annoyingly loud mobile users on trains etc, but i'm told this even when i'm at home. I never had this problem with my previous phones, and the Panasonic D70 even had a feature to change the broadcasted output volume of the phone. Which was nice. Why can't every body else use these useful features?!

While i love the finish of the phone, it does tend to be prone to greasy mitt marks, which is why i bought a plastic outer case which has managed to keep it looking pretty perfect since i had it when it was first released. Has anybody else had one for a while and finding problems with the case becoming tatty or permanently marked due to normal everyday use?

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