Samsung D8000 poor quality


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I recently upgraded my Panasonic plasma of 3 years to the new Samsung D8000, wall mounted it and I have to say it looks absolutely amazing. My appreciation stops when I turn on my SKY HD, my picture seems terrible. I have motion juddering and blurring at speed no matter what settings I choose, really disappointed with it.

Cartoons yes
Sport no


Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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..doesn't sound right to me...have you put motion plus to "clear"?..that should make excellent motion and hardly any blurring. Also turn off DNR and MPEG options.

if clear isn't much better then try "standard" ....this will be smooth but may make films look a little odd.

if neither don't help then there must be something wrong, one thing the Samsungs are good at is good motion, especially with the correct motion plus settings


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Thanks that worked, now I am seeing horizontal lines in adverts mostly. Is this normal from the D8000?
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