Samsung D8000 and MKV problems


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Set up my UE55D8000 at the weekend with the HW-D570 sound bar, PS3 and Virgin. Everything is connected to the soundbar via HDMI with the TV connected via ARC HDMI. Don’t think I need the optical from the TV to soundbar as the soundbar is only 2.1?

My main issue is with the playback of MKV over the network. I don’t have a media server everything is streamed from my NAS. Any MKV less than 30fps plays ok, however I have a few at ~47fps and I get the unsupported codec type error.

Is this a hardware limitation or software limitation that might get fixed?

I have tried to convert the MKV from ~47fps to 30fps and found out this affects the audio. I’ve tried various programs, MKVmerge, Handbrake, AVS4YOU and a couple of others without success. Can this conversion be relatively easily done, or should I consider introducing a Media streamer to convert on the fly?

My ideal solution is to convert the MKV as all other files and most MKV files play natively from my NAS. And I would not need to have a computer/laptop running.

I have searched this forum and the web to find information and have not been very successful, I have found various issues about MKV and Samsung TVs but non specific about the frame rate. Sorry if this has already been asked.

One last thing, why does the TV not switch on the soundbar? (If I switch on the PS3 everything comes on, have not tried the Virgin yet).


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I think it's to do with the nas your using..
I have the Iomega ix200 and my d8000 won't recognize any mkv files.
Play them via my ready nas duo and the all play ok.
What nas are you using?

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