Samsung D7000 TV and Bose Companion 5


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I originally posted this in the speakers section, but it didnt attract any answers :(, plus its probably more TV related...

I have a Samsung D7000 TV, and have bought Bose Companion 5 Speakers for it, I have them working, by connecting a 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable from the D7000's headphone socket to the Bose volume control pod.

The Good... Sound is way better than the TVs normal speakers. The Bad... Going through the headphone output removes a load of sound menu options on the D7000 TV. I also get hissing if i turn the Bose volume too high, this can be tweaked out - im still playing around with it to get 'the best' sound I can.

Im now wondering if there's a better way to connect these two together? Would I be better off connecting from the Bose control pod with a 3.5mm to RCA (red and white only) cable, then into a DAC (example below) then into the TV's optical sound output? Sadly (for these speakers) the TV is optical out only, no RCA for audio. Using a DAC would re-open the TV's Sound menu options to me, though I have some questions:- a) would I be able to control the volume still with the TV remote? and b) would the quality of sound improve over my current headphone setup? Is the gain worth £40? c) Should I give into the fact these speakers aren't really built for a TV, sell them and move onto something else? I liked the idea of the Companion 5's 'pretend 5.1', as I dont want to have two surround speakers trailing cables around my living room - have been happy with 2.1 for years.

DAC (CYP AU-D3 Digital To Analogue Converter)...
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Not really an answer to your issue, but, I saw one of these systems hooked up to an LCD screen last week in Comet, it sounded OK to be fair, but they also had the same Bose system hooked up to a PC which did sound a lot better. I always thought the Bose system in question was meant for connecting to a PC anyway?
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