Samsung D6530 no Dolby Digital sound for Xbox 360



Xbox 360 connected to TV input HDMI4:
Menu on TV: Sound > Additional Settings > SPDIF Output > Audio Format

Drop down contains "PCM" and "Dolby Digital", however "Dolby Digital" is greyed out, i.e. cannot be selected.

I have my V+ box connected to TV input HDMI3 and I am able to select Dolby Digital.

Xbox audio settings is set to Dolby Digital.

I know I could get an optical link directly from the xbox to the AMP however I'm curious to understand why I can't select this option on the TV.

Thanks for any assistance.


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A quick google suggests the xbox doesn't reliably detect DD support. Switch back to stereo, then back to DD, and see if the TV notices the change.
Regards, Iain.


Hi Iain,

Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately it didn't work. I've now bought an extra optical cable and hooked up the Xbox directly to the amp - which works just fine. It's a new tv which might be the issue...

///Matt T

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I have the same issue, also happens with my PS3 and Sky HD (all HDMI into TV, then optical out to amp, this way i don't have to change amp input).


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The TV will only output 5.1 DD from broadcast TV, not from devices connected via HDMI. Apparently this is something to do with copyright issues.

[edit] I'm not sure whether 5.1 would be sent to the amp via ARC though, would be interesting to find out (and therefore whether it's worth buying a new amp that supports ARC)[/edit]


The TV will only output 5.1 DD from broadcast TV, not from devices connected via HDMI. Apparently this is something to do with copyright issues.
Good info, what was the source? Hopefully it's something they can roll out later, assuming they are able to at some point.


I don't know why, what I changed (if anything) but this now works... hmm.


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Hi Guys,

I think I'm going to make you all very happy, at least I was when I found this out a minute ago..

So I had the same problem with my D6530 from the start. After reading the manual I was disappointed to find that the samsung could only output 2.0 (or so it seemed)... I even order myself an audio adapter to connect my xbox directly to my AV-receiver through an optical cable. Unforntunately that didn't work, since no sound was send through the cable. Anyway, after some hours of googling I found the solution on a German forum: Lsung:Xbox360 DD5.1 Passthrough ber OPT Out am PS50C687, Samsung - HIFI-FORUM.
I had to turn my Xbox language to German to understand the menu path :)

But for those of you who don't speak/read German, let me get to the most import point: the solution. The error isn't in the Samsung D6530 entirely! It's the Xbox (miss)communicating with the D6530...

On your Xbox go to settings -> Console settings -> Display -> Display Discovery -> Disable...
Now your Xbox will reboot and you'll probably need to select the correct resolution when it comes back, but take a good look at your AV-receiver: Dolby Digital :D

Hope this makes your day, as I said: it did mine!



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Yep my dated Denon S -301-Will not work with my Samsung 6530.

Stuck with what at the time was a quite exspensive system that is of no use to me ?---will my speakers work with a unit that plays DVD/BLUERAY'S,and can anyone give me a clue as to whatunit that might be.

Thanks Jim.:mad:


Adcocate gave the answer to this in post #5.
TVs that have digital audio outputs feed them only with the audio from their internal tuners, so the only 5:1 audio you will get from them is from the free broadcast HD channels, and the "Sound > Additional Settings > SPDIF Output > Audio Format" menu item refers only to that.
Anything that you connect to an input socket on the TV will not have its audio sent through the digital output socket, either at all, or in anything better than stereo.
HTH - Logi

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