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Sorry if I've put this in the wrong place in the forum

I've just bought a new TV - the Samsung U32D6100 (32" 3D HD internet TV) to add to my kit; (1Tb Tivo, WDTV Live, 2TB Netgear Stora Nas drive, Onlive console)
I have plugged everything in and got it all working with the exception of my NAS drive.
I can see my NAS drive on my TV under source along with the other devices, but when I go into it I cannot get to my files.

On my WD TV Live, I am able to get to all areas of my NAS drive, of which there are three - MyComputers, FamilyLibrary and MyLibrary - The TV only allows me into FamilyLibrary. When accessing my Stora I have to log in, however I am never prompted to log in on my TV - which is most likely why I can only access the FamilyLibrary area as it is a public area on my network.

Is there a way for me to access the password protected area on my NAS through my TV or is there a way for me to change the permissions of the files on the NAS without transferring them into the family area (which I tried, but it said it would take 2 months to complete)?

The plan is to move the WD TV live into another room and just use the TV to stream.

Thanks in advance :)
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Samsung media players only support DLNA, they do not support SMB/Samba which is what the WDTV Live uses to access the NAS.

You have to activate the DLNA media server on the NAS, it if it's already active then you have to add the other folder locations like MyLibrary/MyComputers to be monitored by the DLNA server. DLNA is very messy and complicated which is why it is much easier with the WDTV Live to just access the NAS directly.


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Right - Thanks for that, the Stora is DLNA enabled but seems as though those files aren't in the DNLA group/area, I'll have a fiddle and see if I can get them sorted
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