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Hi folks,

Just got the above Handset and love it. Now looking ot setup with PC for file transferring. Wondering as I've never tried it, whats the best way, Blue Tooth or Cable?

Also looked at a Body Glove Fusion Cellsuit, are they any good? Concerned that it doesn;t look as if it covers the screen? Anyone know if there's a better cover ut there?

Thanks for the help.

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I've just bought a bluetooth dongle to use for file transfers. It works great once it is set up and only costs a fraction of the price of a data cable.

But, it has very slow data transfer speeds (seems to be a fair bit slower than USB1.1) but it's only a small problem.

try, I've got the cheapest one there and it works fine.

Any problems setting up, just ask as I had a problem getting the file manager working properly but its all sorted now (solution was very obvious :D).


Hi Everyone,
I seem to be having problems with my new D500 and Easystudio 2,I can get up my phonebook details, send sms via pc/phone but cannot upload images or ringtones to the phone.
In Easystudio the upload image and ringtone icon are both ghosted, I have tried both serial and usb cables both brand new and am now getting to pulling my hair out.
Can anyone help please!!!!!


I'd still say bluetooth - even just get a bluetooth adapter as they're a bit cheaper than a dongle - but at least Bluetooth is universal whereas the cables are item specific! :)



I'm trying to download MP3's onto my D500 via bluetooth and I'm having no joy in transferring files to MP3, can anyone help me with an idiot proof guide?



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Once the bluetooth adapter is installed just right click the mp3 file then click on "send to" then bluetooth device.
The screen pops up and click on browse for device and it will pick up your phone.If you wish disable the box that says passkey then send.
Now just press recieve on the phone to recieve the file.
Once that is done you dont need to browse for device as it is saved for your phone.

Hope this helps.

or was you talking about converting audio files to mp3?


Hey Dabs

It was that and converting the files to MP3. I'm realising how inept I am after installing the dongle and my phone not being recognised and then noticing that the visibility was off DOH.

All help greatly appreciated


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Thats ok longtall i forgot to mention the visability myself as for converting i,m not sure,i think you have to buy/download something like windows plus audio converter or something like that. Dave.

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