Samsung CRT HDTV Refund?


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Okay i bought this tv from comet in May.
however since then i have learnt it has a HDMI sound fault and blurring in the top right screen.
Due to the fault already existing when i bought it (well known fault) can i demand a full refund.
My knowledge of the sales of goods act seems to imply this. (up to 6 months)
Going to take it up with them this weekend and dont want some cocky manager from comet telling me my rights when he doesnt fully understand the law


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Here is a brief description of your rights as a consumer, i've also bold text the paragraph for which you should quote to the store salesman/manager. Good luck (you should'nt need it)

Your Rights As A Consumer

If you buy anything from a shop, catalogue or even the internet and there's something wrong with it, then you've got a right to do something about it. But this doesn't apply to changing your mind when you've decided you really shouldn't have bought a mini disc player when your rent is due any day now.

What does the law say?
One of the most important laws governing your rights as a consumer is the Sale of Goods Act 1979. Like many laws it has evolved to keep up with changes in society so the Act now includes the 'amendments' the Sale and Supply of Goods Act 1994 and the Sale of Goods (Amendment) Act 1995.

This is a wide-ranging piece of legislation that applies to both new and second-hand goods.

It protects consumers by ensuring that:

Goods are of 'satisfactory quality' - products must last a reasonable time and be free of defects
Goods are 'as described' - a trader or advertisement must honestly describe the product. If, for example, you buy a CD that turns out to be counterfeit then you have a case against the trader that sold it.
Fit for purpose - products must do what the supplier says they do.
If you buy something that doesn't meet any of the conditions stated above, it's your right to demand your money back from the trader (the person/shop who bought it from), not the manufacturer, wholesaler or importer.

Traders also have a duty to supply products that are safe. If they knowingly supply unsafe goods they are committing an offence. If you buy an unsafe product, contact your local Trading Standards Office who will investigate the matter and prosecute the trader if necessary.

If the faulty goods cause injury to yourself or damage to your property of more than £275, you may be able to claim against the manufacturer or importer under 'product liability' rules set out in the Consumer Protection Act 1987.

Just as importantly, you have no grounds for complaint under these terms if you:

Were told about the fault when buying the product
Inspected the product and should have noticed the fault
Damaged the product yourself
Bought the product by mistake
Have changed your mind


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somanc said:
Okay i bought this tv from comet in May.
however since then i have learnt it has a HDMI sound fault

OK, you got your TV from Comet, this means it is a "409", as far as I am aware only the "419" from Currys is affected by the swapped audio over HDMI. I would advise you to make double sure you have swapped audio before you take it back or you could end up looking a bit silly

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