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Samsung Confusion

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs' started by Augustinerbrau, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. Augustinerbrau


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    I've finally decided to take the plunge and have opted for a new 5 series samsung 42 inch. (thanks guys for the great reviews, busdriver, welsh111) :smashin:
    It suits my budget and for a virgin plasma buyer, im happy.

    HOWEVER, What I am confused about is the different models. I've done much research trying to get the best deal(i live in Germany and online purchasing seems much better than popping into media markt-our equiv of currys) and have come up against the following models:

    PS42S5SD (UK websites only-not in germany)
    PS42D5S 1489€ best price
    PS42S5S 1649€ best price
    PS42S5H 1998 best price

    Now I know that the last one is the HD model(which to be honest I am not sure I need as I wont be very willing to shell out more monthly sky subscription in the next few years), but what is the difference with the others. Is it worth it to spend a few extra euros on the S5S version as opposed to the D5S version, will the pq be different or is it the same with more inputs?

    advice relly needed. Thanks for the wonderful reviews and hlpful commentaries, without your input curries and dixons would be cleaning up selling out of date models for big bucks...thanks :lesson: :

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