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m going to the states this October and am seriously considering picking up Samsungs combo HD-DVD/BluRay combo player. The main reason Im doing this is because all HD-DVD discs are region free and because HMV are charging almost 40 euro for BR titles in Ireland so I will do all my shopping online and dont mind waiting for my BR discs to be shipped from the US while I save a minimum of 15 euro per title.

But I do have a number of reservations. Will this player be compatible with my Sony Bravia KDL-46s2030 and what I mean by this is: Will the samsung output at a faster / slower frame rate than my tv can accept resulting in a staggering or choppiness on panning shots etc. Will the image quality be effected in anyway.

Will I have to purchase a universal power adapter or is most electronic equipment universal anyway these days?

Apologies but Im not too technical and would appreciate some help before I part with my hard earned cash - this player is looking like its gonna cost around 800 euros.

Im gonna have to carry the player on board the flight home with me - there is no way im putting it in my suitcase - has anyone every done this before and did they encounter any problems?


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Firstly, I am not aware that the precise release date has been confirmed, so it might not be out while you're there.

Even if it is, consider that some BD discs you might want to rent from the likes of Blockbuster might not be compatible with the UP5000 due to its US spec ( but many discs WILL still be compatible). Personally, I have come to the realisation that I do not want to feel compelled to buy movies I may or may not be interested in seeing only once .

It should be compatible with your Sony TV. You will need a mains converter. There are posts on this site for that.

Hope I don't sound too negative, but I too seriously considered getting the same player from the US. Now I have decided to get the UK spec, even if I get slightly ripped off. Don't forget that at least with an RoL machine, you will have a clear warranty. And the UP5000 is serious money to buy even from the US- you could also get stung with customs charges.

Finally, I already have a HD-DVD player and its getting increasingly hard for me to justify the cost getting a 'dual' price player when I already have a player that does half the job the UP5000 does anyway. I am now considering the bd-p2400 stand alone BluRay player which is significantly less than the UP5000.

Hope this has helped.


I'd be a little worried about buying what is very new technology. What if it needs an upgrade or something?

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