Samsung C96 Plasma Remote Control Problem


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I just grabbed hold of the £899 50" samsung c96 plasma from currys, and despite it not being *perfect* have found it to be a great bargain...EXCEPT, a very strange phenomenon thats happened a couple of times. All is well, and then suddenly the volume steadily lowers itself to nothing, and the remote is utterly unresponsive...i'm puzzled and would appreciate any answers or suggestions, as I'd rather not have to take it back. Cheers in advance :)


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I think your TV is suffering from the same problem as my 21" CRT ! :eek:

A seemingly mysterious lowering of volume by the television with no intervention from the end user :D

It's either the TV playing up or perhaps the remote control sending out a signal to turn down the volume :rolleyes:

Out of interest what do you mean by it not being *perfect* ?

Daddy k

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is the auto volume thingy on?

check in the settings for the sound, turn all auto volume etc off


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Id check its not the remote by removing the batts and see if it still does it

Also check the auto vol in the settings menu

other than that sounds like the TV doing it itself very strange


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Well, after a morning of 'fun' with the currys (no)helpline, and doing things like removing the batteries (no joy), they advised that they'd send an engineer out sometime next week...since I bought it a few days ago that wasn't good enough, and I found a cheap 'man and van' to take it back for a refund(I could see it spiralling into a nightmare of engineers and *repairs*), so will be looking elsewhere.
What I mean by not *perfect*, well, its not perfect, but it is a VERY good telly for the money and size of screen, so if you can get one from reliable source it may be worth your cash, I just didn't want to have to wait weeks if anything else went wrong or pay out for more drivers to get in to the shop to fix it.
But THANKS for all the ideas :) hopefully my next tv will be trouble free (fingers crossed)


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legally u can ask for a replacement rather than a repair. i also find calling samsung directly to be more helpful to figure out faults....

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