Samsung C6900


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I've had this player a couple of months and it's given me nothing but problems. It was bought as a bundle with a samsung tv which was used to replace all of the equipment in the bedroom.

The first set of problems (and the minor set tbh) is that it absolutely refuses to connect to my wi-fi, whether it's due to the sky netgear router or what i don't know, but i've tried absolutely everything and it just refuses to work.

The MAIN problem, is that it refuses to play dvd's correctly, it plays maybe 10 secs, then pauses for a second, then plays another 10 seconds and so on. I HAD fixed it with the latest firmware update a few weeks ago, but now today it's doing the exact same thing and i'm fed up.

To make matters worse, samsung have no email / online contact to skip the hoops you have to jump through on the phone.

Tbh, my advice for anyone buying a samsung player would be to steer well clear, but then my sony player refuses to connect to my router when it's plugged into it (even though the ps3 usin the same cable works...figure that one out).
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