Samsung Bluray / Onkyo 616 / only 2ch PCM!


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I have a (admittedly rather crappy) Samsung Bde5500 Bluray player, and an Onkyo 616 amp.

Bluray player is set to output Bitstream (unprocessed).

I bought Batman The Dark Knight Rises. Put it on. Something didn't seem right - checked - and yes, when I press "Display" it tells me that the Amp is receiving 2 Channel PCM from the bluray and converting it to Neo:6 5.1.

There are 8 audo tracks on the bluray that I can switch through. DTS TrueHD (which I'm set to), spanish, italian, etc etc, - and another English Multichannel one. This other multichannel one gives me a glories DD 5.1 input to the amp - but it has an audio description over it!

I've checked everything I can between the BD player and amp settings, and nothing I do gets me 5.1 into the amp from the DTS TrueHD track.

Can anyone advise?! Please Help!



The Eggman72

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Is the player set to bitstream m8 if not make sure it is,,then the player is outputing a stream for the amp to do the decoding... ?? that would be my 1st port of call .....


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hmmm.. it's doing the same with Cars 2 bluray. It used to work fine.

HTPC and Sky both supplying 5.1 to the Amp. (not DTS TrueHD I assume though..)


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I just read this post which suggested that HDMI cables could be the problem.

First, some background; my Bluray player goes HDMI -> HDMI Splitter, then from Splitter -> Onkyo AND HD Anywhere HDMI Matrix (and from there to the kitchen and master bedroom).

I took a new HDMI cable and plugged it into the Bluray player, and a fresh input on the Amp (Game), and it immediately DTS HD Master lit up on the screen.

Presumably the splitter / matrix / telly / telly have been handshaking and asking the bluray to send 2 channels?!

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