Samsung, Blu-ray, and Freesat - Can a Blu-ray PVR record Freesat from the TV?


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I'm planning to buy a Samsung D7000 TV, which is both 3-D capable and has FreeSat receiver built-in.

I want to be able to play 3-D Blu-rays, and to be able to record and playback Freesat channels, without spending £500+ on top of the cost of the TV (around £1,500 for the 46 inch).

Samsung appear to make a couple of Blu-Ray players such as the BD-8900 (£399 on Amazon) that can also receive and record/playback FreeView HD, but there doesn't seem to be a FreeSat HD equivalent.

Given that the TV has the Freesat HD receive capability, does anyone know whether the combination of the D7000 TV and the BD-8900 Blu-Ray PVR would allow me to achieve what I want, including viewing the FreeSat program guide and selecting future shows to record, as well as playback existing recordings?

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If it's a DVD recorder it will be able to record from scart inputs - so you will be able to feed it an SD signal from an external source, including a Freesat TV, and record it to hard drive or DVD disc. But if it truly is a PVR, which just so happens to be able to play DVDs and Blu Rays, but can't record them, then it will only be able to record from its internal tuner - i.e. its Freeview tuner.

Even if it can record from external sources, it won't be able to record high definition from these external sources, only standard definition.

Just looked at technical spec of this machine - it doesn't support HDMI in (so certainly can't be feed HD from an external source) and does not record to DVD or BluRay - only to hard drive. So, no, you won't be able to feed it anything from an external source, either HD or SD.

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