Samsung BDP 1500 Problems


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Hey all,

Just looking for a little advice.

Recently (within the last 2 months or so), I've been having some problems with my otherwise great, Samsung BDP 1500 blu-ray player.

I first noticed it on the slumdog millionaire blu-ray. The movie played fine, but when I went to play some of the special features, the blu-ray would stop, then when I resumed, it was right back at the start. So I could never play it.

Then I noticed the player when it was loading a blu-ray would occasionally stop, but you simply pressed play again each time it did it.

I then went to watch pirates of the carribean the other day and it kept going to stop several times. Each time I pressed play again, it went back to the start. I eventually managed to get to the menu to play the movie, but as soon as I pressed the button to play it, the same thing happened again and I had to start way back at the start where you select english when you put it in. No matter how many times I tried, I couldn't get it to play. I tried the second pirates and it worked no problem.

Now this doesn't happen with all movies, I can generally play most. However the stopping thing is regular upon loading.

I got my brother to try them in his blu-ray players (he has the 1500 as well as a PS3). Both of them worked no problem, so I know it's not the blu-rays.

I updated the firmware to the latest version and unfortunately, it didn't help.

I do still have another 6 months or so with an extended warranty, so I can claim on that no problem. But I just wondered if anyone has experienced this, or if they have any suggestions on how to fix it myself rather than using the warranty?

Also, as a temp fix, is there any way to skip the menus and just play the movie so that I can hopefully try and skip over this problem?

Many thanks,



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Unfortunately a lot of blu ray titles do not support resume play. I have only recently found a couple that do. This is a bit annoying as you dont know if the title does support it until you press stop and see. That is not a player issue as i understand it and for me is a backward step compared with dvd.

As for your player suddenly stopping, this (in my view) is a fault of the player and i would send it back. I had a samsung 2500 and it has now retired due to it freezing.

In terms of skipping menus, i don't think that this is possible, but would be happy to read posts from anyone that does. Some Warner Bros titles go straight into the film (Dark Knight and V for Vendetta spring to mind). This is something that they promoted in the early days as an good thing.

Good luck.



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Thanks for that.

I'll speak to the warranty people and see about getting it fixed.

May also give samsung tech support a call and see if they have any suggestions.




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I think that they'll just say "send it back". Samsung use an outsourced company for UK tech support. Mine went away for 4 or 5 weeks, whichwas a pain, but i did get a couple of calls from them to give me a progress report and 1 week of the process was a delay due to a part out of stock.


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