Samsung BD1500: how do I fast forward when watching Divx?


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I've just upgraded my Samsung BD1500 to latest firmware
I can now watch DivX movies
BUT: how do I fast forward??

I can use the fast forward buttons on the remote
BUT, that only reaches a maximum of 8 speed!
Is there a way I can 'jump' to a specific time?
I used to have this on my last DVD player that played DivX

OK: so it's not meant to be a DivX player - but if there's no other way of fast forwarding... that sucks!

I've tried googling and can't find any answers



Nic Rhodes

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I know it won't help any but the 1500 is better than most in respect to DIVX playback on bluray players. Most are still trying to play DVDs properly!.


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thats interesting

i found the answer anyway :)
figured it out all by myself :)


1. play ur divx movie

2. click on the info button

3. move the arrow down to the time

4. this will seem non responsive to button presses

5. BUT: you can just key in the time you want to jump to
for example, if u want to jump to 55 minutes, press: 5 5 0 0
the last 2 0's are necessary, else you'll jump to 55 seconds

6. press enter

awesome! :) :) :) :)

i just feel really really sorry for the usa people who cant play divx at all :eek:

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